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Wig market analysis in the U.S.

In the U.S. market this huge hair products, mainly the two sub-blocks of white and black wig. High-end market is dominated by the United States and a few Jews, whites and blacks use the rich, the price is the range of 3 --- 10 times. Of course, chemical fiber raw materials, accessories and caps market and also accounted for half of the country with the U.S. market. Domestic firms in the production of their products should also pay close attention to their own

Market position.

The U.S. market and of human hair wigs are the main highlight the following points:

One: the rich, white and black-market demand for brand attention. Such as the United States Sen's high-end Sun and SNG wig big influence on them. High-end market in the United States to account for about 20% of the total market, domestic enterprises should pay attention to in making this a quality control of products. Generally require a bit up-market areas:

1: wigs of white particularly demanding. Particularly harsh on the requirements to wear, to be very precise in making the current form of the big wave of long file in the U.S. market is still relatively popular, black wigs and more in demand is a large wave-shaped, small-identified hair, in the music category.

2: high-grade spring market, Remy series, more stringent requirements. General American whites and blacks and Jews, the rich group. Greater demand for Remy. Chinese hair is taboo among the Jews, generally made of pure Indian. In making these high-end products like, they should ask customers in the foreign service of the object. Thus, in the choice of materials and production to better serve our customers.

II: mid-range market requirements are the following: 

Mid-range market is still the United States and European countries for the mainstream consumer market, a 30 --- 40%. Consumption of this product groups in the composition of staff is the largest class. The ratio of normal human hair products to 5 files in 3 files, ranging from the price ratio is high and low, the domestic manufacturers in the production of such products, product pricing is the most headaches, because the foreign market of consumers recognized this a relatively , so the demand is relatively larger.

III: low-end market are: hair products, wool and chemical fiber products, wool and human hair products, synthetic and human hair human hair products and low-end products. Demand about 20% market share, fiber accounted for 30 --- 40% of the market. This one should pay attention to domestic manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers in R & D to keep up with this one. Second, the low-grade product quality disputes larger goods and samples to be consistent, but also to maintain product consistency. The remaining blocks, such as hair, Teachers and head, made of viscose and the like, should be in the 5 - 10%, these products require manufacturers and customers to keep in close contact, and make corresponding adjustments to the product demand.